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A Project of the Gateway Community Development Corporation.
John Paradiso – Curator of Programs

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

an intimate glimpse into the working process of monument sculptor,
Joanna Campbell Blake (1977-2016)

April 29 – June 10, 2017

Saturday,   April 29   6:00-8:00 pm

The Gallery is open 7:00-9:00 pm Thursday,
12:00-3:00 pm Saturday,
and by appointment:  John Paradiso –

The 39th Street Gallery is pleased to present "Estate Planning for Artists: Starting the Conversation" on Saturday, June 3, at 2:00-4:00pm.  This workshop is intended to start the dialogue on how one can think about and prepare for an artistic legacy.

We will discuss the preparation and continued planning that has gone into the art estates of Robert Farber, Manon Cleary, and Joanna Campbell Blake as well as some basic tips on storing artwork.

John Paradiso, Curator of Programs at the 39th Street Gallery and former Director of the Robert Farber Foundation will share his experience working wth the late painter in preparing his art estate and how the artist wishes were carried out after his death.

F. Steven Kijek will share his continued experiences with managing Manon Cleary's artistic works and legacy.  He will share his challenges and successes since Manon's death in 2011.

We will also share information on the newly formed "Joanna Campbell Blake Stewardship Collection".  John Paradiso and other members from the Blake Stewardship Group will share their initial steps in creating this Stewardship Collection to assist the Blake art estate with Joanna's work and studio.  This group was started to help support Joanna's artistic legacy.

The exhibition in the 39th Street Gallery, Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW, (currently on view) is part of the Stewardship Group's initial support.

Included in this workshop, Mark Wamaling, Training and Development Manager at Artex Fine Art Services as well as president of PACCIN, a non-profit information network for museum collections care, will give a brief overview of basic care for storing artworks.

This workshop is free and open to the public, please RSVP.
Light refreshments will be served.


Currently at the 39th Street Gallery
and Corridor Exhibition Space

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

an intimate glimpse into the working process of monument sculptor, Joanna Campbell Blake (1977-2016)

co-curated by Margaret Boozer, J.J. McCracken, and John Paradiso

The exhibition Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW was conceived as a way to acknowledge the first year anniversary of Joanna's death.  Joanna died on May 22, 2016, on her 39th birthday.  The exhibition includes art and artifacts from Joanna's studio including photographs, maquettes, video, and her reference library.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

Joanna was a resident of Cottage City, Maryland and a native of Mobile, Alabama, with a studio in Brentwood, Maryland.  An acclaimed sculptor, Joanna was a graduate of Theodore High School and Auburn University.

Joanna was a key contributor to The National WWII Memorial.  Other works included "Undaunted in Battle" a memorial for a battle from the War of 1812, bas-relief panels honoring slaves at the Alexandria Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery in Virginia, and many more.  She was a rare talent with a beautiful and generous spirit.

Joanna also volunteered on the 39th Street Gallery's artist advisory group, a group of artists from the region that were a resource for the gallery in its early years, helping to shape the focus and programming at the gallery and instill our mission as a resource for artists.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

Photographs from the exhibition will be on sale with all profits going to fund the Joanna Campbell Blake Stewardship Collection and the Joanna Campbell Blake Memorial Scholarship fund at Auburn University.

Joanna Campbell Blake: STUDIO VIEW

The gallery would like to thank Margaret Boozer and J.J. McCracken for co-curating the exhibition with special thanks to Ike Blake, Pete Duvall, and Frank Tybush for their contributions.


Current Artist-in-Residence

Juliana Vallejo

Juliana Vallejo is a Colombian artist residing in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  She received her B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia; where she was the recipient of the Undergraduate Research Grant Founding for her research in painting: Abstract Experiment.  She is a process-focused artist, the interaction between her with medium and surface plays an essential role in her art making.

Juliana's approach to art has been a constant self-exploration that translates into explosions of paint that create deconstructed forms.  Her main focus of work has been painting and drawing, although she is continually experimenting with new media that allow her to develop her own language and convey her buried thoughts.

Juliana Vallejo - Artist-in-Residence


Saturday,  June 3  –  2:00-4:00pm


“Estate Planning for Artists: Starting the Conversation”

please RSVP.

Saturday,  June 17  –  2:00pm


Architect Davis Buckley discusses his experiences working with Joanna Campbell Blake.

Recently at the
39th Street Gallery

Kate Kretz

“I am interested in looking at the overlaps of entitlement and domination in our society, and in calling out the aggressors, the intimidators, and the often­overlooked larger, systemic forces that encourage and reinforce this poison in our culture.”  —  Kate Kretz

#bullyculture by artist Kate Kretz

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition


A group exhibition featuring
Brandon Chambers, Dana Hollister, Dusty Rose, Kaleb Norman, Leigh Ann Schaefer, Meirav Finn, and Rachael Carruthers.

The UMD Art Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated excellence in studio courses and achieved a high level of academic success.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on credit level (class standing), overall and major GPA and, most importantly, portfolio review.

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition featuring Brandon Chambers, Dana Hollister, Dusty Rose, Kaleb Norman, Leigh Ann Schaefer, Meirav Finn and Rachael Carruthers

by Samuel Miesch

Courtesy of Gallery @ 46 Green Street Studios, Hudson NY

“Paranoia, perhaps rightful, and anxiety and compulsivity permeate.  There’s something inherently anxiety­driven in each piece; each piece coming about in a frantic sort of way; hopping from one to the next to the next, back and forth, again to the first.  A landfill of post­apocalyptic American waste, covering a slice of paper intricately, nauseatingly even.”  —  Samuel Miesch

"(De)Constructed" by Samuel Miesch

--- and ---

Violet Lucas, Raymond Lewis, Charles Meissner, Gary Murrell, and Eileen Schofield

Courtesy of Art Enables, Washington DC

Violet Lucas, Raymond Lewis, Charles Meissner, Gary Murrell, and Eileen Schofield - Courtesy of Art Enables, Washington DC


This exhibition is in response to the mass shooting that took the lives of 49 people at the Pulse Night Club, a gay bar in Orlando Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016.

We received an overwhelming response from artists nationally and have include work from Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and California, as well as many local artist from Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

Selected Artists: Negar Ahkami, Adam Bear, Mark Bieraugel, Annie Bissett, Laurie Breen, Patrick Craig, Damiano Durante, Laura Elkins, Ric Garcia, Rosabel Goodman-Everard, Tom Hill, Bryan Hoffman, Linda Hosek, Elisabeth Jacobsen, Carol Massa, J.J. McCracken, Mac McCusker, Tim McLoraine, Craig Meklir, Michael Sylvan Robinson, Gail Nadeau, Nasrin Jahan, Diana Liz Perez Miles, Kathleen Ramich, Anthony Ruiz, Alma Selimovic, Ira Tattelman, Juliana Vallejo, Holly Watkins, Joyce Ellen Weinstein, Edward Weiss, Jonathan West, and Lori Hope Zeller

'United in Passion and Pride' -Negar Ahkami, Adam Bear, Mark Bieraugel, Annie Bissett, Laurie Breen, Patrick Craig, Damiano Durante, Laura Elkins, Ric Garcia, Rosabel Goodman-Everard, Tom Hill, Bryan Hoffman, Linda Hosek, Elisabeth Jacobsen, Carol Massa, J.J. McCracken, Mac McCusker, Tim McLoraine, Craig Meklir, Michael Sylvan Robinson, Gail Nadeau, Nasrin Jahan, Diana Liz Perez Miles, Kathleen Ramich, Anthony Ruiz, Alma Selimovic, Ira Tattelman, Juliana Vallejo, Holly Watkins, Joyce Ellen Weinstein, Edward Weiss, Jonathan West, and Lori Hope Zeller


Featuring artists from the Gateway Arts Center Studios:

Laurie Breen, Jodi Ferrier, Katie Kaufman, Mary Jo Lombardo,
Charles Reiher, Tina Silverman, Ann Stoddard,
Linda Uphoff, and Valerie Watson

'Summer Show' - Laurie Breen, Jodi Ferrier, Katie Kaufman, Mary Jo Lombardo, Charles Reiher, Tina Silverman, Ann Stoddard, Linda Uphoff, and Valerie Watson

Leslie Holt
Courtesy Curator's Office

“In the Unspeakable series I incorporate imagery from art historical representations of distraught women, including the preparatory sketches for Guernica.  These women are raw emotion.  Some are grotesque, nearly vulgar, with the distortions despair causes, while others are tender and vulnerable.  Stains of saturated acrylic paint hover over the figures like daunting clouds.  The stains hold history and reveal unruly, wordless memories.”  —  Leslie Holt

In her recent series, Unspeakable, Holt embroiders meticulous line drawings of figures sourced from Pablo Picasso´s famous political war lamentation, Guernica (1937), and its preparatory sketches.  Other artistic sources for her figures include the women in Vincent Van Gogh´s Sorrow (1882) and Käthe Kollwitz´s Hunger (1922).  Situating these figures on unprimed canvas beside puddles of dripped paint or on blank grounds, Holt imbues the composition´s negative space and the canvas´s very materiality with ghosts of expunged drama.  The paint stains are substitute loci of crisis; the embroidered lines are umbilical cords to unseen tragedy.  That which is not visible is indeed unspeakable.

Andrea Pollan, Curator's Office

Leslie Holt - 'Unspeakable (Guernica Sketch 7)', 2016

Elizabeth Burden

The works in “Cartographies: Indictments and Impunities” are one reflection on the conundrums connected to killings by police/police killings.  They are abstractions, creative representations that map the spaces and places where individuals have lost their lives, families have mourned, communities have questioned.

Elizabeth Burden - 'Hands Up Don't Shoot'

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition


A group exhibition featuring
Sobia Ahmed, Avid Antonelli, Brennan Cox, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Rachel Lebo, Grant McFarland, and Korey Richardson.

The UMD Art Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated excellence in studio courses and achieved a high level of academic success.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on credit level (class standing), overall and major GPA and, most importantly, portfolio review.

The University of Maryland's Art Honors Exhibition featuring Sobia Ahmed, Avid Antonelli, Brennan Cox, Niloufar Kazemzadeh, Rachel Lebo, Grant McFarland, and Korey Richardson

A video installation by Tim McLoraine

“Layering video within video, All that we see or seem explores the ways in which our personal histories amass to create the interpretive frameworks for how we live in the world, and the density of narrative that we each bring to both the profound and mundane.”

Tim McLoraine creates video art and experimental film that appears in settings as varied as gallery installations, public art, concert, opera and theater.

"All that we see or seem" - A video installation by Tim McLoraine


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